HEXAGEN was incorporated in April 2016 and was initially a small construction company.

In late 2017, mindful of the market context, particularly the importance of urban regeneration and the new dynamics in the construction sector, Hexagen developed and acquired new skills and scale with its integration into the Investoc Group, preparing to face new challenges and get involved in ambitious projects of significant scale, constantly focusing on differentiation and innovation in the services provided to clients.

Incorporating new, highly qualified technical staff with wide experience in Construction, Engineering and Public Works, it has increased its technical capacity and resource management efficiency so that it is ready to assure its clients of complying with objectives and of the quality of the work done.

“The verb to build implies many others: to think, to plan, to structure, to raise and to do.”


Aware that we are part of the development of a basic sector for the economy and for society, our company is committed to economic and social progress.

The verb to build implies many others: to think, to plan, to structure, to raise and to do.

Due to the complexity of our activity, we promote excellence in the work done, rigour in procedures and deadlines and, above all, we assure quality, innovation and differentiation.

We establish strong partnership and continuity relationships, protecting the interests and aspirations of our Clients, always endeavouring to exceed their expectations.

With its entrepreneurial spirit, Hexagen wants to take advantage of the major development opportunities to create value.


The ability to face increasingly ambitious challenges makes up the identity of a group that is still growing, but built on a foundation of solid values. Social and environmental responsibility, commitment, professionalism, efficiency, transparency and ambition are the values that will soon allow Hexagen to become known as a benchmark in the sector.

In the projects we get involved in, respect for the environment, the client and the future are an integral part of our vision of sustainable construction.

Because at Hexagen, we reBuild the future with skill and passion.


Versatile and ready to take its place in the market, Hexagen works on a wide variety of projects: new buildings, remodelling or urban regeneration work on buildings of different kinds – apartment/office blocks and houses – public buildings, offices and commercial and industrial spaces.

Its vast experience in the management of contracts for large and medium-sized projects in the most diverse areas, such as special engineering projects, road and maritime work, bridges and viaducts, dams, industrial and environmental projects, schools, hospitals and residential buildings, both for important public clients and for private clients, national and foreign, make up our past and present portfolio, which Hexagen places at the service of the future.


Although the company is new on the market, Hexagen has a long history in terms of the professional careers of our staff, who have wide experience in construction and know-how acquired over many years in the sector.

Their enormous technical capacity and the quality of their work can be seen in different types of projects of major significance and scale, both in Portugal and abroad, where they held management and coordination positions.

In the various areas of developments, the current staff of Hexagen were involved and took part in projects as significant as:


  • Renovation and Expansion of the Palácio Valada-Azambuja Building, in Lisbon;
  • Construction of the Hotel dos Descobrimentos, in Porto;
  • New Hospital in Guarda;
  • Construction of the Laminating Line at the National Steelworks, in Seixal;
  • Construction and Expansion of Hotel Carris Porto-Ribeira;
  • Porto Magnum building for STDM, in Porto;
  • Construction of Bluesock Hostel, in Porto.
Other examples of their work are the various school remodelling projects for Parque Escolar, engineering and infrastructure projects, including several bridges and viaducts that are part of the national motorway network, as well as contracts in the Alqueva multipurpose development.
Director & CEO

Production Coordinator Director

"At Hexagen, we reBuild the future with knowledge and passion"

To know more about HEXAGEN, contact us:

T. (+351) 211 625 669

Av. Barbosa Du Bocage, nº 113 1050-031 Lisboa